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Skating streamer 'CJayride' slammed by netizens for littering live

American skater/streamer 'CJayride' criticized by Taiwanese netizens for littering and secretly filming women on the MRT

Screen capture of 'Cjayride' flicking a fish ball. (Breaking News Commune video)

Screen capture of 'Cjayride' flicking a fish ball. (Breaking News Commune video)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- American streamer who has recently been skateboarding around Taipei with live video feeds received scathing criticism online yesterday for a compilation video showing him deliberately littering in public, sketchy "skitching," secretly filming young women on the MRT, and a plethora of other offensive, and in some cases, illegal acts.

The 29-year-old American streamer, Chris James Robb, who goes by the handle "CJayride," was lambasted on the popular message board PTT and the Facebook group Breaking News Commune for a video posted on his Twitch account showing him flicking fish balls on the grass, sticking bamboo skewers in the dirt, and leaving a plastic beverage container at the entrance to an MRT station. He justified the littering by saying, "No litter? What am I supposed to do? There's no trash cans out here."

Skating streamer 'CJayride' slammed by netizens for littering live
CJayride placing a beverage at the closest spot convenient for him. (Breaking News Commune Video)

Netizens were further angered by his reckless "skitching" (holding onto motor vehicles while riding a skateboard) on a busy city freeway. He also has uploaded Taiwanese people's faces on his social media pages without permission.

When meeting up with a couple of Taiwanese young women, he filmed a section of them arguing and then scurried off. He then posted the video of their spat online and then blocked the women's Facebook accounts. The women then angrily posted on Facebook that he intentionally showed video of them arguing just to gain clicks.

Skating streamer 'CJayride' slammed by netizens for littering live
CJayride filming a heated exchange between two women. (Screen capture from Breaking News Commune video)

He was also criticized for secretly filming women on the MRT and commenting on their clothing. He has also filmed himself drinking beverages on the MRT, which is prohibited.

When he took the text for a Taiwan driver's license, he tried to live stream video the whole process, even though he was told not to. He also had the gall to live stream the written test. Because of these infractions, he will not be able to take the test again for 5 years.

When approached by Next News reporters about his littering, he pretended not to be able to speak Mandarin, though he speaks fluent Mandarin in many of his videos.

This naturally elicited many negative comments by Taiwanese netizens:

"Low class foreigner."

"He looks like he's a kid in junior high school."

"Any ordinary white snake can come to Taiwan and live large."

"This kind of idiot...sigh...but he's still doing live streaming now and there are many viewers and many comments below. Looks like they are all the same jerks."

"No respect for Taiwan and treats people like a joke."

"Really poorly educated, and keeps thinking that low class behavior is interesting."

"This is the kind of person I hate the most, cheating Taiwan, we all naively welcome him with open arms -- get the hell out of here!"

A member of Breaking News Commune, 周凱, also posted this exchange allegedly showing himself asking CJayride via Facebook Messenger if he had picked up the trash discarded in his videos. He said that he had, but it didn't matter, because either way it would make him famous by putting him on the news.

Skating streamer 'CJayride' slammed by netizens for littering live

In response to the outrage on social media and Taiwanese news, CJayride on his Twitter page yesterday denied any wrongdoing and blamed the negative portrayal of him on "A few racist people seek to kick foreigners out of Taiwan.":

Violators caught littering in Taipei can be fined between NT$1,200 to NT$6,000, according to the Solid Waste Disposal Act.