Rain Apocalypse: Video and photos of yesterday's insane rain in Taiwan

Videos and images of the Plum Rain Apocalypse

Road destroyed by mudslide from torrential rain in New Taipei City's Jinshan District. (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Taiwan was hit yesterday by the strongest plum rain front New Taipei City and many areas of northern Taiwan have seen in 21 years, resulting so far in two deaths, one missing and five injured, and as yet unmeasured amounts of damage to homes, businesses, and infrastructure. 

The biblical quantities of rain, in excess of 600 mm (over two feet) in some areas, caused the suspension of flights from Songshan Airport, extensive delays at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, disruptions in rail traffic, the closures of offices and schools from K-12 and universities, the destruction of roads and bridges, flooding at the National Palace Museum, and the toppling of a transmission tower at Taiwan's Nuclear Power Plant No. 1. 

Taiwan is not out of the woods yet, as the system is expected to continue to dump rain on most cities and counties at least until Monday, with central and southern Taiwan starting to bear the brunt of the torrential rain today. 

​The following images and videos are a glimpse of the chaos and destruction the Plum Rain Apocalypse has wrought on Taiwan in the past 24 hours. 

Taipei stream during torrential rain on Friday. (CNA photo)

The steps to the National Palace Museum became a waterfall. (CNA photo)

Wulin stream overflows in Keelung. (CNA photo)

Flooding in New Taipei's Jinshan District. (CNA photo)

The remains of road in Wanli, New Taipei city. (CNA photo)

Taipei's Boling Kindergarten hit by flash flood. (CNA photo)

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport floods yet again. (CNA photo)

Flooding in New Taipei's Jinshan District. (CNA photo)

Photo by Siegfried Leipoldt Fourie 

Photo by Siegfried Leipoldt Fourie 

Flooding in Yunlin County's Dounan Township. (Photo by Peach Tao on 爆料公社)

Smashed bridge in New Taipei's Jinshan District. (CNA photo)

Mechanical engineering lab at Tamkang University. (Photo by Deepika Singh)

Dazhi, near Ministry of National Defense (Photo by Marilyn Saldevia Rodas)