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Yunlin County Council calls for impeachment of Grand Justices for same-sex marriage ruling

Yunlin County Council disagrees with Constitutional Court's ruling on same-sex marriage

Yunlin County Council calls for impeachment of Grand Justices for same-sex marriage ruling

Deputy speaker of Yunlin County Council questions the decision of the Grand Justices

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TAIPEI (Taiwan News)--- The Yunlin County Council will file a motion to impeach the President of the Judicial Yuan Hsu Tzong-li (許宗力) and the 14 Grand Justices who ruled in favor of same-sex marriage if the request brought by the deputy speaker Su Chun-hao (蘇俊豪) today is passed.

Su, a member of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), said that the result has disappointed his people and caused concern in the community. Traditions and values of society are in danger and the people of Yunlin disagree with same-sex marriage, he said.

Su stated that the Grand Justices' interpretation of the Civil Code is unconstitutional. Rather than settle the disagreements among different groups, the result caused even more controversy, said Su. Marriages between same-sex couples will have a huge impact on the society and social order, Su added.

In addition, he questioned the authority of the Council of the Grand Justices, raising the question of judiciary interference with the legislature and the government.

Another member of the Yunlin County Council, Wang Yu-min (王又民), emphasized that many people from countries where same-sex marriage has been legalized change their minds later but fail to bring back the heterosexual marriage system.

"In a society that prioritizes morals and ethics like Taiwan's, how can the government force their people to accept gay marriage?" asked Wang.

Though members representing various parts of the region have agreed on the impeachment, the county council is still waiting for more members to appear in person to make a decision. If the proposal is eventually passed, it will be sent to the Control Yuan.