Gogoro 2 priced cheaper than iPhones

New Gogoro 2 prices driven down to NT$19,700 through special package.

New Gogoro 2 pricing to meet mass market demands. (Photo courtesy of Gogoro)

New Gogoro 2 pricing to meet mass market demands. (Photo courtesy of Gogoro)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)—Telecommunication company FarEasTone smartphone clients that have signed a two-year binding contract will be able to purchase the ergonomic electric scooter Gogoro 2 at a bargain price of NT$19,700 (US$654.16), making it cheaper than an iPhone, said Gogoro founder Horace Luke (陸學生).

FarEasTone clients paying a monthly fee of at least NT$1,799 over a period of two years, will be given the option to buy the scooter at a discount price, and given an additional NT$5,000 worth of accessories.

For non-FarEasTone clients, government subsidies will slash the cost of the electric scooter from the original retail price of NT$73,800 to NT$44,800, and the lowest price for acquiring the smartscooter for users trading in an old bike for a new one is NT$38,800.

The Gogoro 2, which is positioned to meet mass market demands, has a competitive pricing edge compared to 125 CC gas scooters that cost NT$49,800 on the market.

Gogoro 2’s new market and pricing strategy differentiates from the previous generation of electric scooters, which were built for market branding purposes, and came with a premium price tag, said Luke.

In response to Gogoro 2’s low pricing strategy, some domestic scooter manufacturers speculated the company was selling the scooters at a loss, and competitors in the industry would be unlikely to follow this strategy.

Fellow electric scooter competitors noted previous complaints against Gogoro were its high costs, but the launch of its NT$499 monthly battery charging package and continual implementation could give it the chance to disrupt the gas scooter market.

The new Gogoro 2 Smartscooter will feature 6.4kW of power with its motor and power train, accelerate from 0-50 km/hr in 4.3 seconds, and have a top speed of 90 km/hr, and travel distance of up to 110 km.