Uniform-invoice prize winning numbers for Mar and Apr, 2017 announced


The NT$10 million uniform-invoice prize winning number for Mar and Apr is 74748874. Are you a lucky winner?

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - The Ministry of Finance (MOF) announced on Thursday the uniform-invoice prize winning numbers for Mar and Apr, 2017 on its website, with the NT$10 million winning number being74748874. Are you a lucky winner?

For the winning numbers, please visit the page of uniform-invoice winning numbers

The winning numbers for the top three prize categories are 74748874 for the Special Prize (winning NT$10 million for matching all the digits); 82528918 for the Grand Prize (winning NT$2 million for matching all the digits); and 07836485, 13410946, and 96152286 for the First Prize (winning NT$200,000 for matching all the digits from any of the three numbers).

The Second Prize (NT$40,000), Third Prize (NT$10,000), Fourth Prize (NT$4,000), Fifth Prize (NT$1,000), and Sixth Prize (NT$200) are all based on the First Prize winning numbers, with the Second Prize for matching the last seven digits from any of the first prize winning numbers, the Third Prize for matching the last six digits, and so forth.

The easiest prize to win, of course, is the NT$200 Sixth Prize for matching only the last three digits from any of the first prize winning numbers.

To increase chances of winning, one number was added as the Additional Sixth Prize for this issue—996. The Additional Sixth Prize (NT$200) is won by matching the last three digits of a uniform invoice with the additional winning number.

For winners of the special, grand, first, second, third and fourth prize, a 20 percent withholding tax is levied on the prize.

In order to receive the prize money of this issue, a winner must fill out the form on the back of the uniform invoice and present it with his or her ID card at any post office from June 6, 2017 to Sep 5, 2017, the MOF said.

The ministry reminds the public that seven of the 14 lucky NT$10 million winners of the Jan/Feb uniform-invoice lottery haven't claimed their prizes yet, and the deadline is July 5, 2017.  

The uniform-invoice lottery, better known as the Taiwan receipt lottery, is a form of state lottery managed by the MOF. The lottery, designed to boost tax revenues, was introduced on Jan. 1, 1951. The lottery has successfully encouraged locals to obtain receipts for every purchase made with businesses with a certain amount of monthly turnover.