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Germany, France confident of unlocking aid for Greece

Germany, France confident of unlocking aid for Greece

BERLIN (AP) — The German and French finance ministers say they're confident of an agreement to unlock further aid for Greece, but Germany's Wolfgang Schaeuble is sticking to his insistence that further-reaching debt relief is a matter for the future.

Schaeuble met new French counterpart Bruno Le Maire were traveling to Brussels together Monday for a gathering of eurozone counterparts following a meeting in Berlin.

On Thursday, the Greek parliament approved new creditor-demanded measures that will impose further income losses on austerity-weary Greeks.

Le Maire it's "important there be a solution that reassures the Greek people and of course reassures Greece's creditors."

Schaeuble insisted that "structural reforms are the decisive thing" to improve Greek growth. He said that "extra measures if required" would come after the current bailout program expires next year.

Updated : 2021-10-24 14:51 GMT+08:00