Taipei city turns gym field into swimming pool for Universiade

The temporary standard swimming pool is completed in 60 days


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- With Taipei Summer Universiade around the corner, Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je (柯文哲) posted an article on his Facebook, saying that the city has complete the construction of a temporary standard swimming pool in 60 days by new techniques.

Ko also shared a video that showed how foreign engineers were taking the measurement and how a work crew was assembling the pool piece by piece. He also mentioned that many swimming pools built for the international competition were hard to maintain after the competition is over and usually ended up becoming disused public property.

This time, Taipei city decided to adopt new techniques and install a movable swimming pool at the gym of National Taiwan Sport University, while the whole set of the temporary swimming pool was airlifted to Taiwan from overseas.

Taipei City’s Geotechnical Engineering Office, which oversees the Universiade’s swimming pool project, said that the pool size can be slightly adjusted after being assembled to ensure conformity to international competition standards.