Malaysian gov’t starts anti-dumping investigation over Taiwan stainless steel

Malaysia launches anti-dumping investigation over Taiwan cold rolled stainless steel

A stainless steel tube. (Photo courtesy of Pixabay user WerbeFabrik)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)—Malaysia's Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) has launched an anti-dumping investigation into cold rolled stainless steel  (CRSS) imports from Taiwan, China, Korea and Thailand, according to a statement released by Taiwan’s Bureau of Foreign Trade.

Bahru Stainless, a Malaysian CRSS manufacturer, filed a petition to the Malaysian government on May 17 to look into the stainless steel products being imported from the above-listed nations that were being retailed at a lower price than domestic steel products causing the petitioner to incur material injury, according to a MITI press release.

The Malaysian government launched a preliminary investigation in accordance with the Countervailing and Anti-Dumping Duties Act 1993 and related regulations, and a preliminary ruling will be made within 120 days from the date of initiation.

If the findings affirm steel imported from the alleged markets is considered dumping, the Malaysian government will impose an anti-dumping duty at the rate that is necessary to prevent further damages caused to the petitioner.

CSSR products under the anti-dumping investigation include steel pipes, medical equipment, kitchenware, building construction material, electronic products and others.

The list of eight import tariff codes of CRSS products affected by the anti-dumping investigation compiled by Taiwan’s Bureau of Foreign Trade can be seen in the table below:


Tariff code of cold rolled stainless steel products affected by Malaysia anti-dumping investigation

















(Source: Taiwan’s Bureau of Foreign Trade, Organized by: Taiwan News)

Taiwan has been a top supplier of CRSS products to Malaysia. Malaysia imported respectively 39.95 percent and 41.15 percent of CRSS from Taiwan in 2015 and 2016, according to statistics compiled by Malaysia Customs.

The CRSS imports from Taiwan valued US$47.76 million and US$28.62 million respectively in 2015 and 2016.

Only in 2014 did China surpass Taiwan to become Malaysia’s top CRSS import country, with total CRSS products exported to the nation valuing US$92.63 million, and taking a 41.04 percent share in CRSS imports.

Malaysia is the world’s 15th largest steel importer in 2015, importing 7.7 million metric tons of steel that year, and up to 12 percent of the nation’s total steel products are imported from Taiwan, according to Global Steel Trade Monitor report released by U.S. International Trade Administration last November.

Related to the ongoing investigations, MITI will send questionnaires to interested parties including importers, foreign producers, exporters, and associations.

Those interested can request a questionnaire no later than May 29, 2017, and can submit additional evidence to MITI before June 15, 2017.

If no additional information is received within the specified period, the Malaysian government will determine its preliminary findings based on available facts.

Taiwanese manufacturers are urged by the Bureau of Foreign Trade to apply for a questionnaire before the May 29 deadline.