Taiwan's Kaohsiung sets up first dog exercise park

Kaohsiung set up the first dog exercise park in the city

Dog Exercise Park in Kaohsiung

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)--- The Maintenance Office of Public Works Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government set up the first dog exercise park at the west side of Zhongzheng Park in the city last week.

The park is exclusively for the pets and is designed according to their needs and habits. Various facilities are built for the pets, including slopes, culvert, tire frames and an area for cleaning. In addition, there is an area for the dog owners to rest while their pets enjoy their time in the park.

(Photos retrieved from 惡柴洛基)

The park has received a lot of compliments from bloggers. Many praised it as the “five-star entertainment park for the dogs.”

The Maintenance Office said that since the opening there have been people bringing their pets to the park and share their experiences on social media afterwards.

“Everyone is welcome to bring your pets and spend time here,” said the office.