Mexican anti-crime group defends military

MEXICO CITY (AP) — An anti-crime organization is offering legal defense to a soldier accused of executing a suspected fuel thief — a sign of support for the military's controversial role in attacking Mexico's crime wave.

Lawyer Alejandro Robledo says Mexico SOS wants a fair trial for a soldier shown in a widely distributed video appearing to shoot a suspect who's face-down on the ground.

Several human rights activists say the video shows why soldiers shouldn't be policing. But many Mexicans are desperate about crime and polls show they're not worried about alleged military human rights abuses.

Robledo represents Alejandro Marti, who founded Mexico SOS after the kidnapping- murder of his 14-year-old son in 2008. Robledo spoke Thursday on Radio Formula

No charges have been announced over the May 3 clash in Puebla state.