Renowned snack brand found using expired ingredients

Four flavors of Hsia Wei Hsien Shrimp Cracker were found made with expired materials

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) raided the factory of Yuzhong Food Co., Ltd. in Daliao, Kaohsiung and found 2,371 kilograms of expired ingredients which are used to produce four products including Hsia Wei Hsien Shrimp Chips.

The FDA, acting with the Kaohsiung health department, raided the company's factory in Daliao, Kaohsiung Tuesday and found expired materials of bonito extract powder, red yeast rice powder.

The materials are used to make four flavors of Hsia Wei Hsien Shrimp Chips including kimchi, smoky, teriyaki, grilled squid, and another product under the company’s affiliated enterprise -germinated soy powder.

The five mentioned products will all be removed from shelves by May 20th, according to the FDA.

The department said the company might be charged with fraud and fined between NT$20,000 and NT$20 million for violating the Act Governing Food Safety and Sanitation