Real looking Thai ‘Shar-Pei jelly’ challenges you to eat it

Thai Desser “Shar-Pei” (photo from วิไลวรรณ บ้านขนมไทย page on

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)--Would you eat it? A dessert operator in Thailand has rolled out a new product that challenges not your taste buds but the hardness of your heart to eat it.  

 Thai dessert operator “Wilaiwan House Thai Dessert” posted the “mini Shar-Pei” coconut jelly on its Facebook page on Tuesday, advertising that a box of it sells for 25 THB (US$0.73).  

(photo from วิไลวรรณ บ้านขนมไทย page on

The photos in the post show many plastic boxes with each containing a Shar-Pei puppy lying prone. The jelly Shar-Peis come in different colors, but all of them, with wrinkles on the face and in the body, look very real.  

The new dessert has stirred up quite a buzz locally because of their lifelike appearance and aroused a heated discussion among netizens, who made comments such as “it’s terrifying,” “feel like eating my own pet,” and “who can tell me how I can eat it?”