Seven uniform invoices worth NT$10 million remain unclaimed

A total of seven January-February invoices each carrying a NT$10 million cash prize remain unclaimed

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The January-February uniform invoices, each carrying the same lucky number of 82885132, entitling lucky winners to a NT$10 million (US$330,700) cash prize have so far not yet been claimed, said the Ministry of Finance (MOF) on Thursday.

The ministry reminded the holders of the winning receipts to come forward for the prize before the deadline of July 5. If the prizes remain unclaimed after that date, the money shall remain in the state coffers.

A total of 17 invoices were issued in January and February carrying the special prize number of the country's uniform invoice lottery for the two-month period according to the MOF.

Three of the remaining unclaimed winning receipts were issued at a bubble tea store on Bade Road in Taipei, a tea stand on Fuxing Road in Xitun District of Taichung and at a Chunghwa Telecom service center on Zhisheng Road in Zuoying District of Kaohsiung, respectively.

The rest were all issued at different 7-11 chain stores, which are situated on Chenggong Road in Sanchong district of New Taipei, on Jinshan Street in the eastern district of Hsinchu city, on Changshui Road in Xiushui Township of Changhua County and on Zhongshan Road in Fangshan Towship of Pingtung County.

Apart from the unclaimed NT$10 million special prize, there are also three grand prize winners from the January-February draw who have not come forward to claim the prize of NT$2 million each, the MOF said.

The winning number of the grand prize is 59729884.

The uniform invoice lottery system, which draws winning numbers every two months, was created to encourage consumers to collect their sales invoices, as part of the MOF's effort to prevent tax evasion by retailers.