Taiwan expands conditional visa-free entry for Filipinos

Taiwan will offer more conditional visa-free privileges after it postponed a plan to provide Filipinos with visa-free entry

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) --Taiwan has decided to expand conditional visa-free privileges for Philippine visitors after it postponed a plan to provide Filipinos with visa-free entry, according to Taiwan's representative office in Manila.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) has decided to expand the eligibility of Taiwan's "Travel Authorization Certificate (TAC)" for qualified Philippine travelers starting from June 1. Filipinos issued with a Republic of China (Taiwan) visa (labor visas with remarks "FL" or "X" excluded) over the past 10 years can apply for the TAC free of charge.

The travel certificate allows multiple-entries to Taiwan, valid for 90 days with each stay up to 30 days, according to MOFA.

However, Filipinos wishing to visit Taiwan for tourism or a short visit can also apply for an entry permit through existing visa application channels as they are part of Taiwan's e-visa program. Philippine passport holders can enter Taiwan visa-free if they meet certain conditions starting on September 1, 2016, according to an announcement made by the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in the Philippines.

According to the announcement, applicants who meet the requirements need to apply for the travel authorization certificate on the online application website. Once approved, the travel authorization certificate is valid for 90 days and allows for multiple entries.