The following is a package The Associated Press is offering on the appointment of former FBI Director Robert Mueller as special counsel to oversee a federal investigation into potential coordination between Russia and the Trump campaign during the 2016 presidential election.


TRUMP — Besieged from all sides, the Trump administration appointed former FBI Director Robert Mueller as a special counsel to oversee the federal investigation into allegations Russia and Donald Trump's campaign collaborated to influence the 2016 presidential election. By Eric Tucker and Sadie Gurman. SENT: 1,000 words, photos. Developing.

TRUMP RUSSIA PROBE — Former FBI Director Robert Mueller is given broad, sweeping powers to investigate not only Russian interference in the 2016 campaign, but any questionable actions related to it, possibly up to an including the firing of James Comey. By Eric Tucker and Sadie Gurman. SENT: 160 words, photos. UPCOMING: 500 words by 8 p.m., photos. With TRUMP-RUSSIA PROBE-THE LATEST, TRUMP-SPECIAL COUNSEL-Q&A.

TRUMP-MUELLER PROFILE — Robert Mueller took office as FBI director in 2001 expecting to dig into drug cases, white-collar misdeeds and violent crime. A week later, the 9-11 terror attacks occurred. Overnight Mueller's mission changed and he spent the next 12 years transforming the agency into a terrorism-fighting force. UPCOMING: 500 words by


Some of the photos that have moved so far: WX122, DCEV108, DCSA115, MDSW108, CTSW115.


AP video is moving an edit of the announcement with file video of Mueller and is planning edits with reactions from Capitol Hill and comments by Pence. Here is what has moved so far:

— US Trump Legal Analysis (CR)


— COMEY TIMELINE: Graphic shows key dates in tenure of FBI Director James Comey and the aftermath of his firing; 4c x 3 1/2 inches; with all related stories; MOVED

— COMEY TICK TOCK: Graphic shows key moments resulting in firing of FBI Director James Comey; 4c x 9 inches; with related stories; MOVED

— FBI DIRECTOR TENURE: Graphic shows tenure of FBI directors and acting directors in days on the job; 2c x 3 inches; with all related stories; MOVED