Top 5 dragon boat racing spots in southern Taiwan

Find out all the exciting Dragon Boat racing spots in southern Taiwan

Lukang Night Dragon Boat Race (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Dragon Boat Festival is one of the three major celebrated festivals in Taiwan, together with Lunar New Year and the Mid Autumn Festival. Besides eating traditional Zongzi, the exciting dragon boat races celebrating the holiday have attracted locals and tourists from all over the world. There are tons of dragon boat races in Taiwan from north to south. Here is a list of the best dragon boat racing spots in southern Taiwan that you should not miss out on:

2017 Lukang Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat celebration in Lukang Township, Changhua County is said to be the oldest and largest event of Dragon Boat Festival in Taiwan. The event started on May 14 and will last until May 30. Besides the traditional Dragon Boat race from May 28 to 30, the night light show along the Fulu River (福鹿溪) is displayed during the entire event. And the Night Dragon Boat Race will be held on May 28, showcasing the beauty of Lukang during the night.

Tainan International Dragon Boat Championships 

154 teams have signed up for the international dragon boat race this year from May 26-30 at Anping canal in Tainan. Participants from different countries including Vietnam, Malaysia, Australia, Germany and the US are all coming together for the exciting boat racing event. Children are also welcome to the dragon boat mini amusement park and the Duan-wu classroom to learn the history and stories about the festival.

Dragon Boat Championships in Tainan (CNA)

Kaohsiung Love River Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat race on Kaohsiung's Love River kicks off on May 27. All the boats have been docked on the riverside since yesterday. Participants in the boat racing event are free to practice and train on the Love River from May 20 to 25. The Kaohsiung City Government also holds a photograph competition during the festival with NT$8,000 for the winner.

Pingtung Donggang Dragon Boat Festival

The dragon boat racing event has always been a part of black tuna season celebrations in Pingtung County. The traditional eye-dotting ceremony was held on Mother's Day as the opening ceremony, and the official boat racing contest will start from May 29 to 30. Visitors can also taste the delicious black tuna fish in Donggang Township during the event.

Penghu Dragon Boat Festival

Penghu has the biggest dragon boat race among the outlying Islands. The competition kicks off on May 30 at Magong Third Port, with a total of 44 teams competing on the inland sea in Penghu. Visitors can also attend the Penghu International Firework Festival at night and enjoy fascinating fireworks in the sky.

​Penghu Dragon Boat race (CNA)