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Taiwanese debate over McDonald's and KFC fried chicken

A Taiwanese netizen who works in KFC reveals the secret of the fried chicken

McDonald's McWing VS KFC fried chicken (Photo courtesy of McDonald's and KFC)

McDonald's McWing VS KFC fried chicken (Photo courtesy of McDonald's and KFC)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A Taiwanese netizen recently posted an article on the social networking website Dacrd, analyzing the differences between McDonald's and Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) when cooking fried chicken.

The debate over whether McDonald's or KFC has the better fried chicken has been a hot issue in Taiwan for years. Each side has their die-hard fans. A Taiwanese netizen claimed on May 15 that he has worked in a KFC store for almost half a year. He explained that he often hears customers ordering food McDonalds menu items in the in KFC restaurant, and the most commonly confused product is the fried chicken.

Many customers often order "McWings" in KFC, which is McDonald's version of fried chicken. However, according to the netizen, the fried chicken in McDonald's is actually half-cooked when they are delivered to each chain store. The servers then only have to fry them up again in order to keep them warm before they sell the fried chicken.

However, KFC has a more complicated cooking process than McDonald's when preparing the fried chicken. After the frozen chicken meat is sent to its stores, servers have to marinate the meat, coat the chicken with flour, fry the chicken, and then serve the hot fried chicken to the customers. This is why the KFC's fried chicken usually has a longer waiting time.

The server also indicates that there are actually four kinds of fried chicken in KFC, including the crispy fried chicken with and without spicy flavor, fried chicken with thinner skin, and the pomelo fried chicken which is only available for a limited-time this year.

The netizen said he wanted people to understand that it is not easy to make fried chicken. "The fried chicken in fast food restaurants all seems the same, but actually the preparation is totally different."

The article has immediately gone viral in two days. Most of the netizens left positive feedback about their favorite kind of KFC fried chicken. Some recommend new tips for eating KFC fried chicken, and some said they went to KFC and bought a bucket of fried chicken immediately after they saw the article. However, a McDonald's server criticized the article and said the KFC fried chicken is actually too dry because of their cooking process.

McDonald's the KFC are the two largest fast food restaurant chains in Taiwan. As of May 2015, there were a total of 538 McDonald's and KFC restaurants in Taiwan.