Jeannie Hsieh responds to death of her father Chu Ke-liang

Taiwanese comedian Chu Ke-liang finally reconciled with his daughter after 18 years before he passed away this morning.

Taiwanese singer Jeannie Hsieh released a statement in response of her father, Chu Ke-liang's death. (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - The famous Taiwanese comedian Chu Ke-liang (豬哥亮) died of liver failure early Monday morning at the age of 70. Singer Jeannie Hsieh (謝金燕), the daughter of Chu Ke-liang, released a statement today expressing her sadness of father's passing.

Chu had four marriages in his life and has two sons and three daughters. Jeannie Hsieh, 42, is the most well-known child of Chu because of her success in her performing arts career. However, Chu reportedly abandoned Hsieh and her mother in the mid 90s and communication between the two ceased.

He then went into hiding for 15 years to avoid a reported NT$1 billion (US$33 million) gambling debts. He made a comeback in 2009 and claimed that he had been traveling abroad "for further studies."

Jeannie revealed in a letter broadcast in a video during her concert in Taipei last year explaining why she had repeatedly and coldly refused to meet with her father. In the letter, Jeannie said her father made her mother accept a request to bring his mistress to live under the same roof. Jeannie said it was the most humiliating part of her mother's life.

The letter also revealed the dark days of how the family had to live under the shadow of their lives being threatened by her father's debtors coming to their house to extort payments. 

Jeannie Hsieh (right) attened her father Chu Ke-liang's fourth wedding in December, 1994.

On March 28, Jeannie released a statement cosigned by her and her father, saying her father was continuing his treatment for colon cancer and they had reunited, patching up their long standing feud after 18 years, leaving no regret on both sides.

Jeannie Hsieh's full statement released today in response to his passing:

"Father sadly passed away this morning in his sleep, heading to the Western Paradise (celestial realm of a buddha). All of the family members were at his side till the end. My brothers, sisters and I helped father to freshen up and helped him wear handsome clothes. Father died without pain and illness. He left without worries and has gone to another place to keep performing for his audience and fans. He keeps going on his journey abroad like a free bird as always. Please say kind words and be joyful, to help my father move on to the Western Paradise solemnly and peacefully, to let him feel no more pain, and have a perfect end to his life. Thank you Daddy!

While I accompanied my father during his illness, father told me it is a great pleasure for him that I have the honor to attend the Tzu Huei Temple celebration in New York. I'll make great efforts and do my best to finish the performance to make my father proud! 
Pray for mercy to the Goddess!

The second daughter, Jeannie Hsieh"