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China Post ceases printing of newspaper today

China Post follows Taiwan News in completing transition from paper based-edition to digital format today

China Post ceases printing of newspaper today

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Another English-language print media outlet in Taiwan follows the footsteps of Taiwan News to cease printing daily newspapers and switch to an all-digital format. The China Post, one of the two remaining English print media outlets in the country, announced on its website that today marked the last issue of its print edition.

George Hsieh (謝國樑), chairman and publisher of The China Post, announced on April 16 during a press conference that the 65 year-old newspaper would print its last print edition this year on May 15 and after which it will transition to an all-digital news platform.

Hsieh said that the company launched an English-language news app, the first of its kind in the country, earlier this year and, with number of clicks outperforming the print copies, he considered transitioning to an all-digital news platform. Hsieh added that the company will continue to seek partnerships with other media outlets to offer more diversified digital news content.

On the China Post website, the company today explained its rationale for ending its paper-based edition:

"Paper is no longer the most effective and most used medium for news coverage and consumption. Even people who buy newspapers to commemorate significant events don't really get their daily news from them. To redirect resources to better achieve our core mission — to report issues that matter in Taiwan and around the world — in an increasingly hostile environment for news organizations, The China Post is taking a leap into the future."

Hsieh also mentioned his studies at Hupan College (湖畔大學) in Hangzhou, founded by Alibaba tycoon Jack Ma, has helped him more deeply understand the trends of the internet era. Hsieh insisted that this new understanding of the digital age prompted the switch from paper to digital, which he stressed was not influenced by any financial issues.

The China Post's plan to shutter its print edition makes it the second local English newspaper to go paperless. The first one was Taiwan News, which suspended its print edition two years ago, on March 1, 2015.

Taiwan News began publication in 1949 as "China News" as the first English-language newspaper in Taiwan. In the late 1990s, it launched the country's first online bilingual news website and, in 2015, switched to an all-digital format and has improved social media engagement ever since. Today, Taiwan News has been ranked the number one English-language news media outlet in the country in terms of web traffic since the start of 2017, according to the latest Alexa data.

Several media outlets around the world have gone paperless to move to an all-digital format. The most prominent example this year is the Independent, who published its last print edition on March 26, leaving only an online edition.

Updated : 2021-04-23 04:02 GMT+08:00