Taiwanese studio Bito earns Bronze Cube in ADC 96th Annual Awards

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) --Taiwanese motion graphics studio, Bito, have taken home a coveted Bronze Cube in the Craft in Motion category at the ADC 96th Annual Awards for their work on the Golden Pin Design Award 2016.

The ceremony, held on the evening of May 8 in New York City, celebrated the very best in commercial creativity from around the world in 2016. Bito is among just a handful of design studios from Asia to come home with the iconic cube-shaped trophy in this 96th edition.

The video that wowed the ADC Award jury was created by Bito to open the Golden Pin Design Award 2016 Ceremony, held in the studio’s home city of Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, in December last year. Bito, helmed by founder and creative director Keng-Ming Liu, were invited by the executive organizers of the award, the Taiwan Design Center, to curate the 2016 ceremony. The studio was responsible for much of the visual representation of the award in 2016, including the now ADC Award-winning ceremony opening video.

“The Golden Pin Design Award champions Eastern design, and encourages designers from this part of the world to look into their hearts and search for new ideas and inspirations outside of the Western-influenced design mindset,” Liu says after receiving his trophy on the ADC Award stage in New York City. “It’s really exciting to see that a design creation that uses an Eastern visual language and rhythm can win in a design award long-established in the USA. For me, it proves that a good project is not restricted by boundaries–it can cross cultures and languages.”

Taiwan’s Golden Pin Design Award champions a unique position in the global design world–the award celebrates designs created for and within huaren (Chinese-speaking) communities. To emphasize this focus, Bito’s 2016 ceremony opening video features golden pinballs that collide across various landscapes, representing huaren designers seeking stimulation and inspiration. Each of the four entry categories of the award–Product Design, Visual Communication Design, Spatial Design, and Packaging Design–are represented using materials commonly found in huaren communities, including gold leaf, rattan, acrylic, concrete, and marble.

Watch the video here on the Golden Pin Design Award YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYLoqU9k1Us.

Yesterday’s ADC Bronze Cube honor represents the second such award for Bito. In 2015, they created a video to open a TEDxTianhe event, which won a Silver Cube in the Motion category at the ADC 94th Annual Awards. The video, named “Road to Different,” also took home a Design Mark in the 2015 edition of the Golden Pin Design Award. Incidentally, the Golden Pin Design Award and its sister award, the Golden Pin Concept Design Award, are currently calling for entries for their 2017 editions.