Expired pork and chickens of more than 2 years found on market

Li-Chin Agricultural Products fined NT$6 million for selling expired pork and chicken

A box of pork that expired since 2014 posted by the whistleblower on Baoliao Commune. (Photo courtesy of Facebook user Baoliao Commune)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)—Another food safety issue has come under the limelight in Taiwan this week that might affect meat lovers' appetite a bit, a Taichung-based meat supplier Li-Chin Agricultural Products Limited (力勤農產有限公司) was caught selling expired pork and chicken of up to four years on the market.

More than 15,600 kilograms of expired meat products were sealed and banned from being sold on the market by the health authorities.

Upon inspection the Health Bureau of Taichung City found 1,674 boxes of frozen pig intestines without any expiration date labels, 333 boxes with the labels ripped off. With each box of pork weighing 6 kilograms to 6.8 kilograms, expired pork products amounted to 12,308 kilograms.

In addition, 220 boxes of expired frozen chicken totaling 3,300 kilograms were found. The company claimed it had removed the expiration date labels before destroying the products.

However, it was found the company continued to sell expired pig intestines manufactured on July 1, 2013, which should have expired by July 1, 2016 on the market, said Taichung City Health Bureau Director Lu Tsung-hsueh (呂宗學).

The bureau fined the company founder Liang Chun-jen (梁俊仁) NT$6 million (US$ 198,702) in total for selling expired pork and chicken.

The bureau was informed by a former truck driver at the company, who reported to police and health authorities respectively on April 21 and April 25, that the company requested employees to remove expiration date labels on frozen chicken and pork that should have expired by 2014, and relabeled them with a new expiration date to resell on the market.

The whistleblower gathered photographic and video evidence of the company's unethical practice before quitting his job and exposing its practices on popular Taiwan online forum Baoliao Commune (爆料公社).

According to the former employee, who worked there briefly, the company was even selling chicken meat that expired for more than four years.