Taiwanese entertainer Chu Ko-liang's condition worsens

The popular Taiwanese comedian's battle with cancer intensifies

(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - The famous Taiwanese comedian Chu Ko-liang (豬哥亮), who has been entertaining Taiwanese for decades since the 1980s, is facing an uphill climb in his battle with cancer as his medical condition has worsened.

The 70-year-old actor and comedian, known for his trademark bowl haircut, has been battling colon cancer for three years, but had recently seemed to be on the mend. However, it has been revealed that he was readmitted to National Taiwan University (NTU) Hospital two months ago, and over the past week his condition has worsened as the cancer has spread to the liver.

The cancer has started to impair his liver function leading to jaundice and extreme fatigue and he is only able to stay awake for 4 hours a day.

At his side is his daughter, the singer Jeannie Hsieh (謝金燕), 42, with whom he recently mended ties with after a long-running feud. Chu reportedly abandoned Hsieh after both she and her sister suffered severe injuries in a near-fatal car accident, and Hsieh severed ties completely with her father after he had gone into hiding in the mid 90s to avoid gambling debts.

Chu had been diagnosed as having stage II colon cancer in May, 2014, but he refused to have a surgery because he knew after the treatment he would need to have an artificial anus and an attached feces collecting bag and he thought it was inconvenient during work. So he opted for receiving Chinese medicine treatment while he was busy with his TV and acting work.

However, he fell very ill and decided to have a surgery to treat his colon cancer at the National Taiwan University (NTU) Hospital on September 6. The operation was announced as a success.

On Oct. 11, Chu held a press conference to thank Dr. Liang Jin-tung and his team for treating him and saving his life in September.

Speaking at the press conference, Liang, who is the chief of division of colorectal surgery at the NTU hospital, said that had Chu been left untreated, he could only live for four months as he had 6,600cc. of abnormal accumulation of fluid in his abdomen and his liver might be seriously damaged.

Liang told the press conference that Chu had recovered well from the surgery and he gave Chu a “one-year guarantee,”which implied that Chu at least could live another year.