Top Chinese netizen names for new aircraft carrier: 'Taiwan' and 'Phi Phi Shrimp'

Chinese netizens vote that the new aircraft carrier should be named 'Phi Phi Shrimp' over 'Taiwan'

(Image from PTT)

(Image from PTT)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- In an online vote on the best name for China's new domestically-built aircraft carrier, netizens initially chose the name "Taiwan" before it was suddenly outvoted by "Phi Phi Shrimp."

China launched its first domestically-produced aircraft carrier from the Dalian shipyard on April 26, however, as it has yet to be given a formal name, Chinese netizens decided to make their own online vote to pick a suitable name.

Initially on April 26th, the name "Taiwan" was the clear leader with 180,000 votes. Trailing behind "Taiwan" was "Shandong" and "Beijing."

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However on April 27th there was a sudden surge of votes for "Phi Phi Shrimp," and by 8 a.m. it took 540,000 votes.

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When it became apparent that "Phi Phi Shrimp" was the clear winner, excited comments by netizens began to pour in:

"Phi Phi Shrimp, lets's go!"

"Let's get serious here, OK? I say it should be called 'Super Invincible Phi Phi Shrimp!''

"It's a shame, I was originally thinking it could be called 'Omega Roar Beast.'"

"In the future in the news we'll see, the Navy's "Phi Phi Shrimp, has broken through the Second Island Chain."

What the Mainland Chinese are referring to as "Phi Phi Shrimp" is known as "Mantis Shrimp" in Taiwan. In the Stephen Chow movie "The God of Cookery" his dish "Exploding Shrimp Beef Balls" was made from Mantis Shrimp and Beef.

Mantis shrimp is very valuable, full of meat, highly moist, with sweet and smooth flesh, and is tastiest in the spring spawning season, when you can eat its creamy, fat roe.

The Chinese Navy responded to the online poll by saying the names were interesting, but according to "naval ship naming regulations," cruisers and larger ships must be named after provinces, districts, municipalities, or phrases. As this aircraft carrier is larger than a cruiser, in accordance with regulations, it should be named after a province or a phrase.

China's first aircraft carrier, which was retrofitted in Liaoning Province, thus it was named "Liaoning." Therefore, many have speculated that the warship will be named "Shandong" after its home port of Qingdao, Shandong Province