Italian restaurant accused of discriminating against Taiwanese customer

The waitress told the customer their Italian director thought they 'didn't deserve the good wine'

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A newly opened Italian restaurant in Tianmu was accused of discriminating against a Taiwanese customer and charging her twice the normal price for her drink.

A Taiwanese customer known by her English name Elsa posted in Breaking News Commune (爆料公社) saying that she went to the Italian restaurant on April 11, and she wanted to order a bottle of good wine to treat her friends but the waitress brought her another bottle instead. The waitress later told Elsa in private that it was their Italian manager who switched the wine and said: "She does not deserve to drink any good red wine, nor do her friends.”

Elsa also found on her receipt that the restaurant charged her two bottles of wine she didn't drink.

The restaurant held a press conference on Monday, two weeks after the incident, saying that they messed up the price and were already in the process of giving her a refund.

The Italian manager, Fabio, explained that he would never say anything discriminatory, and he changed the wine because they were running out of what Elsa ordered, so he replaced it with another bottle from the same winery produced in the same year.