Cola Tour hacked, customers cheated by imposters

Cola Tour's mobile office system was hacked, enabling scammers to trick customers into making multiple transactions

(Screen capture of website)

(Screen capture of website)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Cola Tour (康福旅行社), one of the largest budget travel agencies in Taiwan, was hacked earlier this month and thieves used the stolen data to trick customers into completing duplicate transactions.

At 9 a.m. on April 11th, numerous customers reported to Cola Tour that they had been contacted by a person posing an employee of the travel agency telling them that their orders had not been successfully processed and that they would need to reenter their credit card information, resulting in multiple fraudulent credit card transactions.

Cola Tour explained that as soon as it became aware of the breach, it alerted its relevant internal departments to begin an investigation. In order to find out the cause of the breach, Cola Tour has requested well-known domestic and foreign information security forensics firms to begin an emergency inspection and audit. At the same time, they will carry out a comprehensive review of relevant business and data processing.

According to a preliminary investigation, Coke Tourism says that its mobile office system was compromised by hackers, resulting in some damage to the system, but after isolation and emergency measures, online services have returned to normal, including its e-commerce platform.

Cola Tours stressed that in order to safeguard the rights and interests of its passengers, it has already reported the breach to the police, and announced it on the official anti-fraud website and emailed and texted customers whose data may have been compromised.

Updated : 2021-03-08 21:46 GMT+08:00