Photo of the Day: Eye of the storm before pension protests

Protesters gather at the Legislative Yuan to show their discontent over pension reform draft bills

Barricades placed outside the Legislative Yuan to remain amid security concerns over ongoing pension reform protests. (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) –Barricades deployed outside the Legislative Yuan in Taipei are in place due to security concerns over the ongoing pension reform protests starting from April 18. 

The National Police Administration (NPA) is taking the current protest seriously. They believe there is a higher risk of police being attacked in the ongoing protests with a previous pension reform protest clash on March 29 injuring over 22 officers. On April 19, another rally against pension reform escalated into violence, with several legislators and the mayor of Taipei City being attacked by protesters.

Obstacles put in place include 1,248 sets of wire knife-rests, 680 pedestrian barriers, 670 large-sized fences and 230 rolls of concertina wire, according to Taipei Police Department Commissioner Chiu Feng-kuang (邱豐光).