Taiwan’s first imported Zika case this year reported

Health authorities confirm that a young man is infected with Zika virus, leading to a cumulative figure of 14 reported cases

Taiwan’s first imported Zika case this year reported

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - Taiwan’s Centers for Disease Control (CDC) confirmed Thursday a case of the Zika infection in a young man living in northern Taiwan who traveled to Angola in Southern Africa between mid-March and early-April.

Taiwan has reported 14 Zika cases since 2016, all imported, from the countries including four from Thailand, two each from Vietnam and Malaysia, and one each from Indonesia, Singapore, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Florida of the United States and Angola, according to the CDC.

The young man traveled to Angola between mid-March and early-April. The man began to develop symptoms of fever, headache, fatigue on April 2, rash on April 5, joint and muscle pain on April 6. He visited a local doctor for rash on April 5 and returned home on April 10; he attended a hospital for a blood test whose result shows a positive for Zika.

Following the detection of Zika virus infection in 2015, there are 79 countries and territories/areas reported Zika infection cases. Today the Caribbean, Central America and South America are areas where the transmission of the Zika virus remains active, while a few Zika cases have been reported recently in Singapore.

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