Viewers give predominantly positive comments on new Taipei Universiade promotional video

A new video released last week to promote the upcoming Taipei Universiade, generating mostly favorable responses. (video credit: Taipei City Governmen

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)--The official Taipei 2017 Summer Universiade Facebook page released a new video last week to promote the upcoming sporting event in Taipei, in which athletic movements of some sports contested in the events are interposed between scenes of a family sharing household chores, generating mostly favorable responses.      

The interposition starts with the grandma sweeping fallen leaves outside the house. The sweeping movement is interposed by a young golfer swinging a golf club. Thereafter, the scene of the father and mother lifting a table together suddenly cut to a weightlifter lifting dumbbells; the son and daughter wiping windows are changed into two judo fighters wrestling each other; and the interposition continues.   

video credit: Taipei City Government

Most viewers gave positive comments on the new video, with many praising it as creative and energetic. Some even said it is “goosebump-raising” and “touching.”  

Some said it is much better than a previous one that the city government finally ordered to take off the Internet due to suspicion of plagiarism.

The “Go Go Bravo” video clip released in September last year was said to cost the city government only a little more than NT$90,000 (about US$3,000), but viewers said the dancing style and the dancers' Western style clothes in the video look much like Japanese dance group World Order.

A viewer said, “Thank you mayor for knowing that some money should not be saved.”

However, some responses are negative, with some netizens saying the content of the family sharing chores blurs the focus on the Universiade, and others saying the video leaves out the time of the sporting event, making it look more like an ordinary TV commercial.