Nepalese graduate research assistant dies in National Taiwan University dorm

Nepalese PhD student found dead in NTU dorm from suspected alcohol poisoning

Nepalese PhD student Santosh Poudel Facebook profile picture. (Photo courtesy of Facebook user Santosh Poudel)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)Police found 31-year-old Nepalese graduate research assistant, Santosh Poudel (朴山拓), died from unknown causes at his dorm at National Taiwan University (台灣大學), Saturday.

NTU professors were alarmed when they could not find Poudel to discuss the reasons behind his two-day absence from classes under his supervision, only to find the research assistant had been dead for more than two days in his dorm.

Poudel was found no longer breathing, and had serious bruising on the left side of his head and a heavy hemorrhage.

Police ruled out homicide as the main cause of his death, and discovered more than 10 empty alcohol bottles underneath his desk and bed, suggesting Poudel might be alcoholic and died from alcohol poisoning.

According to NTU security guards, Poudel returned to the dorm two days ago with visible bruises on his head, but the cause of injuries remains unclear. The wounds on his head has healed prior to his death, said police officers.

Police confiscated his laptop, and sealed off the dorm for further investigations to identify the cause of his death.

According to fellow NTU classmates, Poudel was a heavy drinker and had been at the school for less than one year.

Even though Poudel lived in a NTU dorm that could house two students, fellow students claimed his poor hygiene, such as refusing to bathe left a strong stench in the room that drove away fellow roommates. Poudel lived alone.

Originally, from Pokhara, the largest city in Nepal, Poudel graduated cum laude from Electrical and Telecommunications Engineering from Telkom University in Indonesia where he obtained his masters degree.

According to Poudel’s LinkedIn public profile page, he joined NTU’s Advanced Digital Communications Systems Lab (ADCSL) in September 2016 as a graduate research assistant.

The lab he joined specializes in Advanced Digital Communications Systems Lab (ADCSL), and has a research focus in 5G and large scale antenna systems MMIMO.

The first year PhD student at College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Graduate Institute of Communication Engineering at NTU comes from an underprivileged family, and had to work while studying, stated the university.

Professors from the department would lend him living expenses, which he paid back through his work as a research assistant for the university.

Spokespersons for NTU and Taipei police declined to comment on the case when Taiwan News reporters reached them for further information on the deceased Nepalese student.