Runaway Indonesian worker surrenders to authorities after 25 years

The Indonesian has been stateless for 25 years

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A 48-year-old Indonesian migrant worker turned himself in to authorities and said he is willing to accept any punishment as long as he can become a Taiwanese citizen.

The Indonesian A-Fu came to Taiwan 25 years ago and worked in a carpentry factory in southern Taiwan. He ran away from his place of employment because he thought the pay was too low and the brokerage fees demanded by the labor broker too high.

According to Liberty Times, A-Fu met his wife after he left his place of employment and they had their daughter 15 years ago. The idea of surrendering to authorities came to his mind several times over the years, but after his daughter was born, he felt worried that he might be repatriated after surrendering and be parted from his family.

A-Fu said he has never told his daughter about his identity and has been lying to her about missing many of her life events because he has been stateless for 25 years, and now he no longer wants to remain absent.

However, applying for Taiwanese citizenship can be very difficult for the Indonesian, as his passport was taken by his broker when he arrived in Taiwan, which makes it very difficult for the authorities to confirm his legal identity.