Hualien county magistrate promotes county as ideal vacation spot for Hong Kong people

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)--Taiwan’s Hualien County Magistrate Fu Kun-chi promoted his county in Hong Kong on Wednesday, saying only 95 minutes of flight will take people of the busy city to the county in eastern Taiwan, where they can relax in spectacular environments and engage in a wide variety of outdoor activities.

Since direct flight between Hong Kong and Hualien was launched in December last year, Hualien has become a hotspot for people of Hong Kong to travel light. In order for Hong Kong people to understand more about Hualien, Fu led a team to Hong Kong and set up booths at Plaza Hollywood to promote agricultural, tourism, medical and tribal industries in the county.

Fu said that the living space of Hong Kong is narrow, and now with HK Express direct flights from Hong Kong to Hualien, it takes only 95 minutes for people of Hong Kong to immerse themselves in the county. The county is home to Taroko Gorge, pacific beaches and a 200-km bike path along the Pacific coast, he said, adding that they can relax themselves while touring around the county and engage in various activities such as surfing, river tracing, rafting, and parasailing.

HK Express general manager Ho Hong-wai said that Hualien has become Hong Kong people’s hotspot for traveling light, and since the flight route was open in December last year, average passenger loads have been near 90 percent. As of the end of February this year, 12,655 Hong Kong people have taken HK Express flights to Hualien and the flights have increased from two flights a week to daily flights, she said, adding that the airline is working on a plan to increase flights to Hualien for the summer.