Jeannie Hsieh: Daddy is continuing treatment and we are reunited

Entertainer Jeannie Hsieh, daughter of the famous Taiwanese comedian and television show host Chu Ke-liang, rebutted Internet rumors that her father h (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)--Entertainer Jeannie Hsieh (謝金燕), daughter of the famous Taiwanese comedian and television show host Chu Ke-liang (豬哥亮) (birth name Hsieh Hsin-ta), rebutted Internet rumors that her father had passed away in a statement cosigned by her and her father and released Tuesday, saying her father is continuing his treatment for column cancer and they have reunited, patching up their frayed relationship after 18 years.   

Chu, 70, has two sons and three daughters from four marriages, and Jeannie is his second daughter from the second marriage.

Jeannie, 42, revealed in a letter broadcast in a video during her concert at Taipei Arena in May last year why she had repeatedly and coldly refused to meet with her father. In the letter, Jeannie said her father made her mother accept a request to bring his mistress to live under the same roof. Jeannie said it was the most humiliating past in her mother’s life. The letter also revealed the dark days of how the family had to live under the shadow of their lives being threatened by her father’s debtors coming to their house to exhort payment of debts. .  

During the concert, Jeannie also announced that she would take a long break from performance.

Even so, Chu had 22 flower baskets sent to the venue and showed up at the concert. Chu stayed for nearly two hours; but with no chances of seeing his daughter personally, he left before the concert ended. He told the media, “[I am] very happy to see her perform.”

Chu had been diagnosed as having stage II colon cancer in May, 2014, but he refused to have a surgery. Instead he opted for receiving Chinese medicine treatment while he was busy with his TV and acting work.

However, he fell very ill and decided to have a surgery to treat his colon cancer at the National Taiwan University (NTU) Hospital in September last year. The operation was announced as a success.

Early this year, Chu attended activities to promote a movie directed and produced by him and said he had written his will to arrange everything because he felt he had no chances of recovering from the illness and that he “didn’t include Jeannie’s name in his will,” signaling that his daughter Jeannie was still at odds with him.  

At present, rumors are circulating online that Chu had died of colon cancer. As a response, Jeannie issued an emergency statement cosigned by her and her father to deny the rumors and plead with the media not to come to the hospital where her father is being treated for fear of disturbing the hospital, other patients and their families.

She said she had reunited with her father during her break from the entertainment circle and has been accompanying her father during his treatment. In the statement, Jeannie thanks the public for paying attention to her family affairs but also asks the public to give them space and let her father receive treatment peacefully.  

Jeannie also said in the statement that she said to her father “Daddy, I am sorry”  and “Daddy, daughter loves you” many times a day, and likewise her father said to her that he is sorry and that he loves her. “Every day we express love, regret and thanks and say good night to each other,” she said in the statement.