Online retailers seek to capitalize on family pet market for Tomb Sweeping Day

​PChome, momo Shop sell a variety of products to burn as offerings for deceased pets

Joss paper "House for kitty in heaven" (courtesy Skea website)

Joss paper "House for kitty in heaven" (courtesy Skea website)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- This year for Tomb Sweeping Day, or Qingming Festival (清明節), some residents of Taiwan may honor more than their ancestors as entrepreneurs look to capitalize on the pet market with joss paper products to ensure the family pet's happy afterlife.

While the traditional Chinese festival that honors ancestors with graveside offerings falls on April 4 this year, e-commerce sites momo Shop and PChome has sought to attract a younger generation with its products. The online retailers now have a variety of products for consumers to offer when visiting their pets’ graves this year, though momo Shop has the larger pet-related selection.

The e-commerce site sells items like joss paper money for pets as well as dog houses and even a paper puppy. The dog houses from skea天堂紙紮, which specializes in paper products for Qingming, can cost almost NT$10,000 (US$330). And the company did not forget about the family cat—they also offer a cat house with scratching post inside. It even includes a miniature sofa.joss paper dog
A pet-related Ching Ming offering (courtesy momo Shop)

Traditionally people burn money for relatives to use in the afterlife, but over time, it has expanded to include small products like daily necessities, including clothes and jewelry. This year a full-scale, yellow paper Lamborghini was spotted in Taiwan in preparation for the holiday.

In addition to the joss paper offerings for animal lovers, momo Shop has a selection of other joss paper products that include scooters, wine bottles and houses. There’s even a wine fridge to go with the wine bottles.