Motivational teacher in Taipei accused of sexual assault

Lecturer created fake companies and job titles to attract students

Wu Tung-jung (吳東融) has been accused of sexual assault by 5 students (from Facebook)

Wu Tung-jung (吳東融) has been accused of sexual assault by 5 students (from Facebook)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Taipei City police have detained motivational teacher Wu Tung-jung (吳東融) for allegedly sexually assaulting five female students who had enrolled in his spiritual motivation classes.

The 34-year-old man allegedly advertised on Facebook calling himself a “spiritual lecturer” and claimed to have attracted more than 300 students, according to an Apple Daily report. On his Facebook page, he claimed to be CEO of a design company, which does not have any online presence other than an address in Wanhua District, and GET成功易開罐, his motivational education company, to improve his credibility. With the help of friends and even some students, his online persona spread slowly.

His course claimed to build confidence and realize dreams and included lessons on “how to communicate freely” and “seven keys to achieving dreams.”

Students told police that the course they signed up for was for 15 students and classes were not held in the same location each day. They paid between NT$16,800 and NT$22,800 each.

After an investigation, police discovered that Wu had vocational school diploma and his work experience amounted to more than eight years as a cook until last November.

After attracting students for his six-day course, Wu had them buy spiritual books. Prosecutors suspect he used his influence in the class to take advantage of female students, whom he allegedly invited to motel rooms for “after-school counseling.”

After the news broke, some netizens on Sunday took to Wu’s Facebook page to denounce him, posting comments and links to Chinese-language news on his most recent post from December.