Alishan’s cherry blossom peaks during Qingming Festival holiday

Yoshino cherry trees are starting to blossom one after another

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Alishan's cherry blossom season has kicked off on March 10, with 40 percent of the Yoshino cherry trees blooming as of this week and expected to reach their peak during Qingming Festival holiday.

Alishan Cherry Blossom Festival is one of Taiwan’s most popular flower festivals as the area is covered by more than 19,000 cherry trees, and about 18,000 of them are Yoshino cherry trees making Alishan the only and the largest area of Yoshino cherry trees in Taiwan.

Because of the recent warm weather, Yoshino cherry trees are starting to blossom one after another, giving the area a warm-up for the coming cherry blossom season.

The best time to visit the park for blossom viewing is going to be this weekend and during the Qingming Festival holiday, the Chiayi Forest District Office said.

The month long festival is to run until April 10, with the number of weekend visitors being capped at 15,000 per day. In celebration of the Children's Day on April 1, the park is going to offer free admission to children under twelve.

To maintain the quality of tourism, there will be tourist number control and traffic control on the weekends during the festival.