Rover ruins riches

Dog destroys dough

(Photo by Breaking News Commune user Wang Ming-sheng)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Breaking News Commune (爆料公社) user Wang Ming-sheng  (王明聖) posted an image on Monday of his puppy ripping up what appears to be about NT$6,000 (US$197) in Taiwanese paper currency. 

When posting the image, Wang cryptically wrote "Don't stop me, I want to eat meat tonight!"

(Photo by Breaking News Commune user Wang Ming-sheng)

I response to the image and his comment, other netizens then chimed in:

"This dinner is very expensive."

"Oh, it turns out eating an NT$100,000 is this filling!"

"Don't make me eat 100 cans, I only want to eat 1,000 clams"

"Make the owner eat canned food."

"Would he say this: Dad this tastes bad, please change to something else."

"Dad, I would rather buy meat for you, rather than you recklessly biting me like this."

"This owner is eating meat tonight."