Japanese design firm makes map of entire Taiwan rail network

Himawari Design Laboratory creates a comprehensive map of all rail lines and stations in Taiwan

Taiwan railway map (created by ひまわりデザイン研究所)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- The Japan-based Himawari Design Laboratory design company has created a comprehensive map showing all the routes and stations for Taiwan's High Speed Rail (HSR), Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA), Taipei Mass Rapid Transit System (MRT), and Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit System (KMRT).

Having already created extensive railway maps for 47 counties in Japan, the designers at Himawari recently took up the task of mapping Taiwan's entire rail network, the first time the team has designed a rail map in a foreign country.

The map links all of the HSR, TRA, metro and lightrail lines and stations, even the twists and turns of the narrow gauge Alishan railway as it winds its way up Alishan Mountain. 

On the popular Taiwanese online message board PTT, netizens praised the achievement:

"The Japanese are good at doing everything perfectly."

"I kowtow to their greatness."

"My mom asked me why I was kneeling down while looking at the map," which means he showed his respect by kneeling on the ground. 

Click on the map below for a larger, PDF version: