Kapok flowers blossom in Tainan

Kapok trees along scenic Tainan roadway are currently in bloom as spring nears

(Photo by Tourism Bureau of Tainan City Government)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- The Kapok trees are now in blooming along Tainan's Baihe Linchupi Kapok Road (林初埤木棉花道), which has been named buy a Spanish travel site  idealista as one of the top 15 most magical streets streets shaded by flowers and trees in the world. 

(Photo by flickr user Allen Hsu)

Every year, the Kapok trees bloom around March or April and the blooming period is rather short, only two weeks. The main spot in Taiwan to view these flowers is along County Highway No. 90 and nearby areas. 

(Photo by Travel Taiwan Facebook page)

When the article on the locale was published in idealista in 2015, 200,000 visitors came to see the beautiful blossoms and last year the road attracted nearly 300,000 tourists, according to UDN.  

(Photo by Travel Tainan Facebook page)

Tainan Mayor William Lai (賴清德) said that Dongfeng Road has yellow Kapok flowers as well as other varieties and suggested the planting of more trees along its roads to develop Tainan into a "flower city." 

(Photo by flickr user leeyu_flickr)

(Photo by CNA)