Citizens shocked to see Taipower workers dangling from power lines

​Taipower reassures the public that measures are in place to ensure worker safety

Taipower workers installing spacers (from Breaking News Community, Facebook)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Residents were shocked on Sunday to see three Taipower maintenance workers seemingly dangling from power lines with nothing more than a ladder that did not reach the ground.

Members of the Facebook group Breaking News Community (爆料公社) were impressed by the workers’ ability and bravery. They heaped praise on the workers for performing work that the group members certainly would be too afraid to do.

A Taipower representative said the maintenance workers were in Taichung’s Wufeng District on the border with Changhua County installing power line spacers at 60-70 meter intervals.
Courtesy Breaking News Community, Facebook

The representative noted that the operation requires three people who are secured with safety cables. Each worker must go through extensive training and certification for such operations.