Amid data fabrication scandal, NTU president to finish term

Despite calls for Yang Pan-chyr to immediately step down, he promised to finish his term

National Taiwan University President Yang Pan-chyr (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- National Taiwan University (NTU) President Yang Pan-chyr (楊泮池) said that he would step down from his position at the end of his term in June, following the university ethics committee clearing him of charges of academic misconduct.

He reiterated his plan to finish his term as president despite fellow academics calling for him to take immediate leave. Yang said he would set up an ethics mechanism to prevent such incidents in the future. He did not, however, take responsibility for the scandal.

Following its investigation, the ethics committee voted 6-0 on Feb. 23 to clear Dr. Yang of charges and stated, "There is no reason why Dr. Yang should resign."

Dr. Yang had been embroiled in a scandal that claimed as many as 11 academic papers he co-authored used fabricated data to support the results. The papers were flagged as “problematic” by users on PubPeer, a website for the discussion and peer review of published research.

Kuo Min-liang (郭明良), co-author of some of the papers in question, resigned as vice president of the Kaohsiung Medical University last November. He and fellow co-author Chang Cheng-chi (張正琪) were fired by NTU last month following an investigation by the ethics committee that exonerated Yang.