Late Taiwan Cement president Leslie Koo's 33 favorite eateries in Taiwan

Children of late Taiwan Cement president Leslie Koo have compiled a list of his favorite eateries in Taipei

Cover of book about Leslie Koo's favorite foods "I Can Eat This Whole Dish Myself" (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- To honor the memory the late Taiwan Cement Corp Group (台泥集團) chairman Leslie Koo (辜成允), following his tragic death in January, his children have put together a book that lists 33 of his most favorite eateries in Taiwan and a Google map that pinpoints their locations. 

The children of the senior Koo, Koo Gung-kai (辜公愷) and Koo Hsuan-hui (辜萱慧), have compiled a book titled "I Can Eat This Whole Dish Myself" based on a list he maintained of his favorite restaurants, night markets, and food stalls. As he grew up in Taipei's Zhongshan District, half of the places on the list were from that area, while other locations included Wang's Bakery in Taipei's Yonghe District, stinky tofu in Shenkeng, and pork knuckle in Keelung. 

Inside new book ​(CNA photo)

Koo's map of favorite places in Zhongshan District was all encompassing, on holidays, he liked have Shao-bing (baked flatbread) and Youtiao (Deep fried Chinese break sticks) dipped in hot soy milk at the A+ Soymilk Shop (A+豆漿) on Linsen North Road.  At noon he liked to go to Three Dollar Pork Rice (三元號滷肉飯) on Chongqing North Road Section 2 to eat braised pork rice, shark fin soup, matsutake bird's egg soup, which on holidays he would eat three bowls of according to the book.

He also frequented the eateries along the edge of the old Taipei Circle to order dishes like "Taipei Circle Oyster," of which he would order a big plate. On the way back he would stop by No. 6 stall at Lane 49 Bao'an Street to have "Four Gods in Front of Tsu-Sheng Temple Soup." Then he would head to Minsheng West Road's Sweet Rice Ball to have shave ice with taro, red beans, peanuts, tangyuan and hot mochi. 

After eating the steamed fish dish at Sea World Live Seafood Restaurant (海世界活海鮮餐廳) on 122 Nongan Street, Koo suggested they take the juice and mix it with scrambled eggs, leading to the creation of a new dish. 

The old Taiwanese style restaurant Ming Fu Taiwan Seafood (明福台菜海產) at 137 Lane Zhongshan North Road Section 2 is a place he liked to take to entertain his friends, where pig's kidney noodles was one of his favorite dishes. 

A 22 ounce steak is a lot of meat, but for Koo, this was just a walk in the park. He was fond of visiting the Sonoma Grill in the Imperial Hotel at 600 Linsen North Road. Another favorite of his was Chi-chia Chuang on Changchun Road, where his liked to take the whole family to feast on their chicken and homemade traditional pudding. 

Koo was big on snacks and one of his favorite spots was Wine Cake 陳記京滬酒釀餅 at Chongqing South Road Section 1 to try their original wine cakes. 

During Mid Autumn Festival, Koo enjoyed visiting Wang's Bakery on Zhongshan Road Section 1 in Yonghe District to pick up some "Golden Moons." For decades he loved to eat "Lee's Salty Ice" at Chengdu Starfruit Ice on Chengdu Road.

At Shilin Night Market he always patiently waited in line for Big Shanghai's Fried Dumplings, which are said to be "thick on the outside, but delicious on the inside."

Google map of Leslie Koo's favorite places to eat: