Taiwan Presidential Office praises Sunflower Movement

The people are the true masters of the country: presidential spokesman

(By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The Presidential Office praised the Sunflower Movement Saturday, on the third anniversary of the occupation of the Legislative Yuan by mostly students.

The occupation, which lasted for 24 days until April 10, 2014, was directed against an attempt by the then-Kuomintang government to force through an unpopular trade accord with China.

The Sunflower Movement awakened everybody to the fact that the people are the true masters of the country, presidential spokesman Alex Huang said Saturday. He added that the Democratic Progressive Party which took office last May had been pushing through reforms and transformation in the fields of economic progress, trade strategy and wider international space for the nation.

The Sunflower Movement was a milestone in the deepening of Taiwan’s democracy but also signified the rise of the public and its growing involvement in and concern for society, Huang said. The students’ actions helped push for more freedom, democracy, justice and fairness, thus working toward a better life for all citizens, according to the spokesman.

Some of the top activists of the Sunflower Movement were elected to the Legislative Yuan in January last year for the New Power Party.

A handful of former movement members showed up outside the Legislature Saturday evening to express their displeasure with the slow treatment of legislative amendments to tighten the review of foreign accords, including those with China, a key demand of the protesters in 2014.