Photo of the Day: Art of drumming in Kaohsiung

Utheatre gives a pre-show performance of the brand new work in southern Taiwan

Utheatre give a pre-show performance at Kaohsiung Cultural Center on March 15. (By Central News Agency)

Taipei (Taiwan News) -- Taiwan's well-known performance group Utheatre is set to launch a new work called 'five colored ink'(墨具五色). Art Director Liu Ruo-Yu (劉若瑀) led the members to the Kaohsiung Cultural Center on March 15 to perform one of the most impressive parts of the new composition.

Liu Ruo-Yu said that the new performance is a new breakthrough for Utheatre. The performance combines the paintings from splash-color painter Ke Shu-Ling (柯淑玲) and multimedia projection. It is the most high-tech and colorful performances from Utheatre so far.


(Video from Utheatre YouTube channel)