Taiwan's Lin Feng Ying to lay off employees due to Ting Hsin boycott

Employees laid off, cattle sold: reports

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Staff of Lin Feng Ying’s dairy farm said yesterday that some of them were laid off with one-month severance pay.

According to the company’s former employees, the dairy farm has sold over 1,000 dairy cattle back from November 2016. However, the dairy farm denied the layoff rumors and told the press that they were conducting personnel reforms, and will recruit new employees to replace the ineligibles.

Lin Feng Ying was hit by a national boycott after a food scandal centering on Ting Hsin International Group which broke out in 2014.

Lin Feng Ying milk products used to be the market leader before the boycott, contributing to 60 to 70 percent of Wei Chuan's revenues from core businesses.

According to Apple Daily, the Lin Feng Ying dairy farm used to have hundreds of employees and up to 5,000 dairy cattle at its peak period, but after the food scandal, the milk brand was hit by a national boycott, and had to dish out discounts, for instance its "buy a large carton and get a small one for free" promotional offer.

However, those promotions seem not to be able to win back customer’s trust after the scandal and made up the loss on the previous years.