How to select high heels? Remember the secret code: 369

Here is the secret code of “3, 6 and 9” offered by shoe experts to make women wear right high heels at right time. (photo: Pixabay)

High heels are indispensable shoes in every women’s shoe cabinet, but when to wear what kind of heels is perplexing to some women. Here is the secret code of “3, 6 and 9” offered by shoe experts to make women wear the right high heels at the right time.   

Open a woman’s shoe cabinet, and chances are you will find more than one pair of high heels. But how to choose? Shoes vendor A.S.O said women should choose high heels that are comfortable and properly fitting. However, A.S.O said its salespeople at stores are most frequently asked the question: what is the right heel height for them?

A.S.O said that women can try wearing different pairs of high heels at different times during the day, and follow the “3-6-9 centimeters” principle for choosing heel heights. For example, wearing 3-centimeter heels for commuting, 6 centimeters at work, and 9 centimeters to meet important guests is not only suitable to the occasions but also healthier , A.S.O said.

1.  3-centimeter heels for commuting

Commuting office ladies who don’t want to wear flats are recommended to stride around in 3-centimeter high heels. The heel height will move the pressure on your heels forward and distribute it to the middle section of your feet, which is helpful in alleviating tiredness on the heels. It’s both ergonomic and comfortable for commuting.     

2.  6-centimeter heels at work

Office ladies are recommended to wear 6-centimeter high heels during work as heels of this height are comfortable and have the effect of stretching the curves of the calves, making the heel-wearer look both energetic and poised.   

3.  9-centimeters when meeting important guests

Striding in high heels of 8-9 centimeters high will bring out tight calf muscles and improve the curvature of the legs, which is helpful for displaying an image of elegance and charm.    

Moreover, orthopedist Chen Hou-chuan (陳厚全) advised people to soak their feet in warm water every day to release pressure on the soles, minimize the time of wearing high heels, and choose wide shoes so that toes can spread out comfortably in the shoes to avoid Hallux Valgus.