Taiwan ranks 19th globally for Internet connection speed: Akamai

Taiwan's Internet connection speed ranks 19th globally with average speeds reaching 15.6 mbps, says Akamai Technology

Comparison of Internet connection speed  using 4G connection (left) and 3G connections (right).

Comparison of Internet connection speed using 4G connection (left) and 3G connections (right). (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)—Taiwan ranked 19th globally and fifth in Asia with average Internet connection speeds reaching 15.6 megabytes per second (mbps), according to the latest report released by leading international content delivery network (CDN) service provider Akamai Technologies.

In Akamai's “Fourth Quarter 2016 State Of The Internet / Security Report,”Taiwan's average Internet connection speed was up 5.1 percent from the last quarter of 2016, and 21 percent year-on-year (YoY) to average 12 mbps.

Countries that topped the charts for Internet connection speeds included neighboring South Korea, despite a slight dip in the average Internet connection speed of 2.4 percent YoY to 26.1 mbps in the fourth quarter of last year.

Norway came in second with 23.6 mbps, and Sweden ranked third for overall average Internet connection speeds with 22.8 mbps.

In Asia, Taiwan ranked in fifth, trailing South Korea (26.1 mpbs), Hong Kong (21.9 mbps), Singapore (21.2 mbps) and Japan (19.6 mbps).

Broken down by Internet connection speeds, Taiwan ranked 18th globally for Internet connection speeds of 10 mbps and above, with broadband adoption rates of 59 percent in the fourth quarter of 2016, and improving 32 percent YoY.

However, the country's global rankings dropped to 23rd in the 15 mbps and above connection speeds. Even though connection speeds were up 36 percent YoY, the broadband adoption rates for 15 mbps connection speeds reached only 33 percent.

The majority of Taiwan's Internet connection speed was in the 4 mbps range, with 93 percent broadband adoption, up 1.8 percent quarter-on-quarter (QoQ) and 3.5 percent annually.

Mobile Internet connections also reached 12 mbps in Taiwan in the fourth quarter of 2016.

Average webpage load time in Taiwan is about 2.24 seconds (2,236 milliseconds), while average mobile page download times reached 3.18 seconds (3,182 milliseconds).

The Internet connection report compiles data collected from Akamai Intelligent Platform and includes data on average connection speeds, broadband adoption rates and average mobile connection speeds.

The CDN service provider owns 2,200 servers worldwide to host services provided by its intelligent Internet content transmission platform.