Taiwan police return lost phone to Irish woman

Taiwan police help Irish woman find lost phone within one hour after she reported it missing


An Irish teacher (center) in Taiwan receives her lost smartphone from Tainan City police. (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Police in Tainan City helped a 34-year-old Irish teacher track down and return her lost smartphone within an hour after it was reported missing last Saturday.

The Irish woman, who teaches at a cram school in Hsinchu City in northern Taiwan, lost her phone during a school outing to the Hutoupei scenic area in Tainan City.

She thought the phone was lost for good and gave up hope of ever finding it again.

Students encouraged her to report it police and told her Taiwanese police were very friendly.

Upon receiving her missing phone report, on duty police officers Chan Tung-cheng (詹銅城) and Liang Chiu-he (梁秋和) were able to track down the phone’s last GPS location with some assistance from the Irish teacher and her students.

Police dispatched to the phone’s last GPS location heard the phone ring nearby and were able to quickly locate it.

The Irish woman traveled to Tainan City on high-speed rail last Sunday to retrieve her phone, and was grateful police officers helped get her phone back. She was also amazed by the efficiency of Taiwan's police force.