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Russia: we will look at Moldova "abuse" of officials claims

Russia: we will look at Moldova "abuse" of officials claims

CHISINAU, Moldova (AP) — A Russian official says authorities will examine claims that Russia's intelligence service has been intimidating Moldovan politicians following an investigation into alleged money laundering by Russian officials.

Moldovan parliament speaker Andrian Candu said Thursday Russian intelligence agents had "treated in a humiliating manner" 25 Moldovan lawmakers, intelligence officials, and pro-European politicians in recent months.

Deputy Russian Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin was quoted Friday by the Tass news agency as saying the allegations "raise a lot of questions" and "we have to ... see the facts and only after that can we seriously discuss this problem."

Karasin visits Moldova next week for talks with Moldovan officials. He will also visit the pro-Russian separatist republic of Trans-Dniester.

Moldova's government has asked officials not to visit Russia until the issue is resolved.