Italy court recognizes non-biological overseas gay adoption

Italy court recognizes non-biological overseas gay adoption

ROME (AP) — A court in Florence has recognized the overseas adoptions of children by at least two gay couples in rulings hailed by the gay rights community as a new step for Italy.

The Tribunal for Minors recognized the British and U.S. adoptions as legal here, allowing the Italian citizenship of the parents to be passed on to the children.

The cases published Wednesday marked the first time an Italian court recognized the adoption of non-biological children to gay parents, the Arcobaleno rights group said.

Roman Catholic Italy last year became the last holdout in Western Europe to recognize civil unions for gay and lesbian couples, but only after sacrificing a provision to allow gay adoption. Italian gay couples are now petitioning courts on a case-by-case basis to recognize adoptions approved overseas.

Updated : 2021-01-26 11:20 GMT+08:00