To embrace ‘people with love' is government’s obligation

Instead of abusing its power, it’s an obligation of any government to embrace its people with love.

In a long struggle to improve the country’s economy, Taiwan has sacrificed too many things and the government has forgotten the pain its people have b

A great many Taiwanese have been baffled by their government’s action and inaction and are wondering where the government is taking them.

A society without love is like a world without colors and hope.

In a long struggle to improve the country’s economy, Taiwan has sacrificed too many things and the government has forgotten the pain its people have been suffering, as evidenced by the government customarily resorting to increasing taxes to pay for policies it promised.

The unfair-pension reform serves as a good example. Even though initiated with good intentions, the reform has made Taiwanese people more confused about their future.

The expansion of the central bureaucracy is another example of the government being oblivious to the pain its people are suffering. The Cabinet has been expanded from eight ministries and two councils to 14 ministries and eight councils, and now the government is filled up with more high ranking officials than before.

Instead, the Taiwanese government should embrace “its people with love” because it is the real core value of the country.  

How to embrace the people with love?

As the government appears not knowing where to start, I hereby cite a few instances to demonstrate that love starts from the heart. During World War II, Polish nurse Irena Sendler rescued 2,500 Jewish children, but she still had a guilty conscience. She said that her saving the Jewish children had proven her value as a human being, but her conscience had pricked her because she could have saved more people. Therefore, it’s important to check how many things you have done out of love at the end of every day as deeds of love should be carried out at anytime anywhere.

Pay attention to everyday life, such as: Are you smoking at a public place and exposing others, especially senior citizens, children and pregnant women, to secondhand smoke?

To approach love with design thinking

Another way to embrace the people is to practice design thinking as it can help find meaningful solutions to a country’s problems as well as bring more comfort and convenience to life. Putting the concept into practice, Singapore sends up to 10 government officials every year to attend Stanford University’s design thinking boot camp that costs US$8,000 for a three-day course.  

Now Singapore is a country with new breakthroughs and new thinking. Design thinking is not a privilege of professional designers; it’s also an obligation of any government.

Many Taiwanese concentrate on justice, love and care. Tze-Lung Chen, the professor of National Taiwan University College of Law, has participated in education for 30 years. He had held four semesters lesson of “Seminar on The Public-related Economic Crime” till January 12th 2017. His whole soul is absorbed in love, and it’s a great contribution to people. He is the one who leads Taiwan to a new page with love.

When we strive for self-achievement, we can do right things, but when we set goals to help others achieve their dreams, we can do great things. So now abide faith, hope, and love these three, but the greatest is love.

Another year has unfolded before us. Wish everybody to be filled with creativity, care, and blessing. And wish government officials will no longer abuse their power; instead they will devote themselves to transforming the country into a nation of love.